Strategies for Turning Job Search Blues into Triumphs


No matter where you are in the process, job search can wear your self-esteem down. It involves a pendulum of emotions — remember the cringe-inducing moment when you receive the LinkedIn updates about your connections landing on their next professional milestone?


The stress of job search can translate into physical ailments. Job search fatigue is a real thing and if you have experienced symptoms like emotional exhaustion, increased irritability, difficulty in concentrating, or sleep disturbances in your job-hunting process, you are not alone.


Tips to Navigate Job Search Fatigue

  1. Identify the causes

Are you deflated because you have not heard back regarding your applications, or from your connections within the company you are interested in applying to? Or you have lost steam because you are unsure what you truly want? Isolating the exact reason can bring you the perspectives for your next step forward.

  1. Take a break

It is natural for us to get frenetic when things are not going our way. Seeing job opening alerts pop up in your email could lead us to impulsive job applications. Take a break for a few days, go to the wilderness, and marvel at nature’s ability to thrive without human intervention. Imagine yourself be that beautiful flower standing tall, displaying vibrant health in a dignified air. You are worthy.

  1. Creating space for renewed passion

If you have come to a point where you are no longer sure what you would like to pursue, you might have focused too much on what you want to be — a ‘programmer’, ‘project manager’, ‘accountant’, etc. — and have inadvertently overlooked what brings you joy. Consider rediscovering your passion by exploring temporary positions or volunteering in areas that interest you. Marrying your passion and profession increases the likelihood of success. Sometimes, our aspirations are limited by our own imagination. Hands-on experience can broaden your perspective in unexpected ways.

  1. Seek help from recruitment professionals

Many people thought that frustration and endless waiting is what job hunting meant to be. There is some truth in it as research shows that it takes 21 to 80 job applications to secure a single job offer. Furthermore, the average corporate job opening attracts approximately 250 applications! What many people fail to realise is that this seemingly cumbersome process can be streamlined and made more time-effective by outsourcing it to a recruitment professional.


Recruitment expert knows the hiring landscape well. They can provide insights into tailoring your CV and assist you in crafting a cover letter that captures the attention of potential employers. On average, recruitment professionals can generate one interview opportunity for every three CVs submitted. With their assistance, job seekers can explore the competitive job market more efficiently and increase their chances of success.


Job-hunting journey comes with its fair share of challenges but is also an opportunity for personal growth. Believe that you will come out of the other end triumphantly with more resilience, a better understanding of yourself and more passion for your career.  It undoubtedly constitutes a transformative experience that invites you to savour each moment along the way.

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